One nation one exit test is soon going to replace the NEET.

 One nation one exit test is soon going to replace the NEET.


The National Exit Test is soon going to replace the NEET - PG exam for admission to postgraduate broad speciality courses in medicine

The National Exit Test will soon become a basis for admission to postgraduate speciality courses if the draft Postgraduate (PG) Medical Educational Regulations 2021 is implemented.

The draft, prepared by the National Medical Commission, states that the common final-year undergraduate examination to be known as “National Exit Test” (from the date it becomes operational) will be the basis for admission to the PG broad speciality courses in each academic year. Till such time that it is implemented, NEET - PG examination shall continue to operate for selection of postgraduate students to speciality courses. The draft proposals are being opposed by many medicos who say that the entire process will get centralised and the state quota students will be at a disadvantage.

The draft suggests that a designated authority will conduct the “National Exit Test”. “In order to be eligible for admission to PG courses for an academic year, the candidate should have qualified in the National Exit test, and be eligible to be granted a licence to practice medicine and for enrollment in the state or national medical register. The National Exit Test’s marks will remain valid for three years from the date the person has become eligible to be granted a licence to practice medicine, for admission to speciality courses at the postgraduate level,” stated the commission.

After three years, the person will have to appear for and qualify in the National Exit Test to be eligible for admission again. Many of the non BJP-ruled states have already opposed this move stating that admissions to PG will become ‘centralised’ and as a result, this will affect the chances of the state quota students.

After the test, the selection to PG super-specialty courses will be via a uniform entrance examination namely “National Eligibility–cum-Entrance Test” (Super Speciality) for admission to PG courses for each academic year. The designated authority to conduct the National Eligibility-cum-Entrance Test “(NEET SS) shall be specified by the National Medical Commission.

“For admission to PG SS, a candidate has to obtain a minimum of the 50th percentile in the NEET SS held for the said academic year. (However, in respect of candidates belonging to Scheduled Castes, Scheduled Tribes, and Other Backward Classes, the minimum marks shall be at 40th percentile).

The percentile will be determined on the basis of highest marks secured in the All India Common merit list in NEET SS. In case a sufficient number of candidates in the respective categories fail to secure minimum marks as prescribed in NEET SS, the National Medical Commission -- on the advice of the PGMEB -- may at its discretion lower the minimum marks required, applicable for that academic year only.

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